Yulitsa is a unique new service, that takes online video-streaming and user generated content to a whole new level. Uniting an online platform and a free mobile app for iOS and Android, Yulitsa gives one an opportunity to be anyplace, at any time – you can order live video-streaming from anywhere in the world, complete other people’s tasks or instantly share your content with an audience of millions of people all over the globe.

Our mission is to give everyone an opportunity to travel and attend events anywhere in the world, regardless of their location, age, physical abilities and financial factors. It’s important to us that everyone should be able to quickly access information that is important to them – whether it’s the construction of your future home a few blocks away or the sunset at the Cape of Good Hope.

It might be you’re worried about your child travelling to school alone, want to make sure the hotel you’re planning to book lives up to its photographs or dream about attending an exclusive party on the other side of the planet – there’s no wish too everyday nor too unusual that can’t come true using Yulitsa.

Destroying the boundaries of that is thought to be possible, we are changing everybody’s life for the better.

You can now see, learn and do more without being distracted from your everyday activities.

Apart from having the opportunity to become a client and order video, every user is being given the chance to literally take things into their own hands by becoming an operator in their own city, and simultaneously increase their income without spending almost no additional time or effort working.


How does it work?

 Any authorized user that has completed the free registration at Yulitsa’s site has the opportunity to use the system as a client or an operator as well as use the application for his own needs, that are unrelated to the task system. Moreover, there’s no restrictions on the roles one could play – this means you can simultaneously be a client, interested in seeing a certain place or event; a video provider, ready to be the eyes of the client in your city; or a video-blogger, independently broadcasting content straight to your channel at the project’s website.

Being an operator, your job is to record content within the boundaries of a certain task, using your mobile device – the brief will include the precise location you should be streaming from, time (exact or approximate) or a particular event, video duration and what type of task it is: private or public. Having payed for your services, the client receives access to the live-stream and an opportunity to control the recording process using the service’s inbuilt texting tool – popup messages will make it easier to film the exact things that are most important. Once the streaming is complete the rights to the video are transferred to the client.  

Video services are provided on a paid basis, and the client personally chooses the amount he will be willing to pay for any given job – this affects the operator's interest towards the project.

Public videos can be freely viewed and accessed by all of the website’s users – anyone can tune into the live-stream and view the content from the dynamically increasing archive.

Private videos, on the other hand, are transferred directly and strictly between the two involved parties – even though the video display box will show up in the live-stream menu, search and archive, it is inactive for all users except the client, that has the rights to watch it.

Joining clients and operators in a single network, Yulitsa gives an opportunity to not only find oneself anywhere in the world and order the desired content, but to also easily earn money, using only your smartphone, connected to the internet, and the downloaded official free app.

This way you can increase your income without being distracted from your main job – how to use this unlimited potential depends only on your own abilities and enthusiasm.

The third way in which you can interact with the site is through instantaneously uploading and live-streaming any content you wish, without the restrictions of someone else’s brief. Just a few seconds stand between any user, that has downloaded the Yulitsa app to his smartphone, and a live broadcast to an audience of millions of people. You are given a chance to cover interesting events without losing time to upload the information to a server, copy it to a computer or do any other manipulations – any content you record is uploaded to the web at that same moment.



Yulitsa is a substantially new tool and a means of achieving previously unthinkable goals – on the one hand the service gives a unique opportunity to always be in the right place at the right time, while on the other you are invited to monetize your videos and earn additional money easily, using the tools that are already within your reach.

The task ordering system and an opportunity to stream videos live publically has the potential of taking video-blogging to a whole new level, giving everyone an opportunity to let their potential shine and to show a huge audience their view of the world, using the simplest instruments.

The mobile application, developed by “Jivlar Technology and Communication” employs unique IT developments, giving an opportunity to conduct live video-streaming from anywhere in the world, automatically using and switching between Wi-Fi, 4G and 3G networks. This flexibility ensures uninterrupted video-content, that appears online almost instantaneously.


When could this come in handy?