For you to fully enjoy all of Yulitsa’s capabilities you will be needing to undergo a simple registration process at the service’s website and download our free application for Android and iOS from Google Play or Apple Store respectably.

Having conducted profound testing and analysis we have concluded that best results are achieved using smartphones running Android 4.2.2 and newer, or iOS phones running iOS 5 and up (iPhone 4S and newer models).

If you intend to become an operator or to broadcast content individually you will also be needing, apart from the basic free registration at the project’s website and a mobile device, to be connected  to the web via 4G, 3G or high-speed Wi-Fi. The application automatically optimizes data transmission and switches between networks when necessary. Because of this Yulitsa has an astonishing upload speed – you shouldn’t be surprised that your video will only have a few seconds of delay when broadcast using a 3G connection, whereas with 4G it’s going to appear online immediately, live and in real time.


How can you order video?

So, you know what you wish to see, where and when. All that’s left is to enter this information into the brief form at the service’s website in the “Create task” tab at the bottom of your profile page.

Fill in all the necessary fields – this shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Make sure to mark the location on the map, being as precise as possible (zoom in to do so) – the exact address and coordinates will automatically appear in the address fields of the form. Describe the task in as much detail as possible – first, once again, mention the city, then the time of execution, quality and also whether it will be private or public,meaning whether it’s going to be open to be viewed by all of the service’s users or only by you. Submitted tasks appear in the “Tasks” section of the website and are sent out via email and push-notifications to all the signed in users of the mobile app located nearby. Users manually indicate their location – area and city – during registration.

You will receive an email confirming that your task has found its operator, however you can also keep track of its status in the the “My tasks” tab of your profile – here you can see all the tasks that you have created, both the ones that are presently active and the ones that have already been completed (once the video broadcast is finished all the rights to the content are transferred to the client, who has payed for for the job, which is why all the completed tasks are achieved in your profile and not the video operator's).

Here you will also find all the information on the operators who are willing to undertake your task – having evaluated all the candidates you will be required to choose one. It’s important to note that any tasks with a confirmed operator can not be changed any further or cancelled.


How can you become an operator?

You have a smartphone with a mobile internet connection and a little free time – that’s almost everything necessary to become an operator.

There isn’t much else needed – register with the service, download the free mobile application and sign in using the same login, password and authorization code, that you have used at the website. Congratulations! You have discovered the wonderful world of almost effortless additional income that doesn’t require much time or interrupts you from your daily activities.

Having finished authorization go to the “Tasks” tab in your mobile app – here you will find all the active orders in your close proximity (it’s once again important to note that indicating  your actual location during registration is necessary, otherwise you will be missing out on new tasks).

Toggle the filters (choosing the location, time and desired payment most appropriate for you), select the task you prefer by clicking “Complete”and wait for the notification confirming that the client has chosen you for the job. All that’s left to do is to simply be in the specified location at the specified time, take out your smartphone and fire up the official application – you’re now one click away from making the video you’re filming available live at the project’s website. Having successfully completed the task you only have to wait a little while – immediately after the client has confirmed the job finished the predetermined payment will be transferred to your account automatically.
Every time you respond to a task and suggest yourself as a candidate, 20% of the payment, proposed by the client, is reserved on your account. If the task is completed successfully, this sum of money is transferred to the service providers as compensation. In case you are not chosen by the client to complete the task the money is returned to your account.



How can you use the service outside of the task system?

To conduct video-streaming live to the project’s website you absolutely needn’t be constrained to anybody’s task. Having undergone the registration that is identical for all users and having downloaded the mobile application you are free to share anything happening around you with the whole world – your broadcast will be visible at the “Videos” page, same as all the others, and will also be saved to your personal channel at the site.

Payment for the services

Registration at the site, as well as the mobile application required to execute tasks, are free, however users need to have a minimal amount of money on their account, giving them the opportunity to use all of the service’s capabilities.

If at first you wish to only be an operator, that sum of money is 20% of the payment that the client is willing to pay for the service – once you respond to a task (by pressing “Complete” next to it) this sum is reserved on your account up until the task is complete de facto. As soon as that happens the payment from the client is transferred to your account, whereas the reserved 20% are claimed by the service as commission. If you wish to be a client, you are required to have a minimum of the equivalent of 500 RUB on your account – this is the starting price of any task. The maximum price, however, only depends on you – more expensive tasks will, naturally, will be interesting to the operators.

We emphasize the use of our service as a means of convenient additional income, which is why we have developed a simple and transparent system of money withdrawal off your account. We cooperate with the majority of the most important online payment services, such as WebMoney, QIWI Wallet, Yandex.Money and work directly with bank cards – all this provides huge opportunities and flexability while working with Yulitsa. The complete list of our partners can be viewed by clicking the “Top up Balance” button in the “My balance” tab of your personal account.

The service has a penalty system for unscrupulous users, both clients and operators.

In the case a client cancels a task that has already been assigned to an operator, the fine will equal 50% of the sum the client has chosen to be the payment for the task. In case of an error by the operator (for example filming at the wrong location or not executing the task altogether), he or she is fined for the 20% that have been reserved on his or her account, and the case is sent to the arbitrage.




Yulitsa is a service provided by “Jivlar Technologii i Kommunikatsii LTD”, is subject to the laws of the Russian Federation and can not be used in any illegal ways.

It is strictly prohibited to use the service to order or broadcast any content that may  degrade human dignity, is pornographic or violent, is an invasion of privacy or infringes the interests or rights, intellectual or otherwise, of any third parties. In case any violations occur  users will be immediately blocked and their information will be sent to the law-enforcement authorities.

The client is as liable to follow the law when composing the order as the operator when executing it.

When filming at public events and private or governmental facilities you are required to first receive permission.



 Private videos are not visible on the main “Video” page of the site and are sent to the client directly. Moreover, once the filming is finished the client receives the rights to the video and it is no longer displayed the in the operator’s personal account. Talking about the general security of the service, we engage all the newest technology available in the sphere and are constantly working on improving the privacy system.


 No, in this case you can think of Yulitsa as a regular video-hosting service, open to everyone.


 Yulitsa’s technical possibilities are unlimited – the important thing is that there should be a person available to execute your task at the location. Don’t be upset, if there isn’t one there yet – everyday we attract more users and rapidly expand our network – soon your task will find its person.


 Do not confirm it in the pop-up window after the video filming is complete. All disputable and incorrectly executed tasks are send to the arbitrage, where each particular case is dealt with individually. Indisputable violations include filming at a location or time different to that stated in the brief. In this case the operator is fined for the 20% of the payment reserved on his account and the task is, if so desired by the client, sent back into rotation.


 There is no need for that – you can just use our inbuilt chat, that is convenient both online and in the mobile application. With its help you can specify any particular nuance during the execution of the task – pop-up instructions are there to help the operator in capturing the most important things.


 You can only edit and cancel tasks until they have been confirmed with the operator. After this cancellation will mean a 50% penalty.


 There is no minimum to how long a video should be, however we recommend splitting the task into a few portions if its duration exceeds 10 minutes. If, during the filming, you feel it’ll be good to continue, inform the operator of this and create a new task at the same location – this way your operator can instantly reply to it.


 No, at the moment this service is provided to all authorized users with a mobile application for free.


 At the moment we have no limits to the storage time.


 Yes, as well as private and governmental facilities.


 The rights to the video that has been ordered and payed for by the client are transferred to him once the filming process is complete. This means that all such videos will be stored in your archive and will be deleted only if you wish them to be.


 All the tasks submitted with the service are moderated in part – we do not allow any requests that conflict with the laws of Russian Federation. In case you have noticed an order of pornographic, violent or otherwise unlawful content, please contact us.

We can’t moderate all the live-streams and ask all users to please send us word if they notice any unlawful activity during  a live-stream.